On the Road

Wherever you go in the world, Cirque du Soleil has probably been there before you. They have performed on every continent except for Antarctica, and they’ve been in well over 250 different cities. Odds are, if it’s a major city, they’ve been there. This is exciting news, because it means that no matter where you are in the world, you have a chance of seeing one of these amazing shows. It also means that there are probably plenty of other shows that you can go see.

In fact, almost every city has something going on! That’s half the fun of traveling. But whatever your tastes might be, some acts are better than others. Be sure to check out reviews online if you’re unsure of what you’re looking for. And if Cirque du Soleil is playing in the city you’re traveling to, all the better.

Cirque du Soleil started out in Montreal, Canada. Since two street performers started the troup in 1984, they have grown into a worldwide phenomenon. They have a permanent setup in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States, but you can also find them as they tour around the world. Recent performances include stops in New York City, Orlando, Florida, British Columbia, and more. They’ve also performed in Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia. They are one of the most well traveled outfits in the world, and they are still growing in popularity.

Planning Ahead

Cirque du Soleil is one of the most popular acts in the world, and getting tickets to see a performance can be tough. The sooner you purchase your tickets, the better your chances are of getting great seats. Tickets for this and other events sell out all the time, and planning a few weeks, or sometimes months, ahead of time will go a long way toward helping you have some fun. And when you’ve planned ahead, trips can be more organized and enjoyable for whoever you are going along with.

We realize that not everyone is able to plan ahead, and sometimes tickets can be hard to find. Sometimes tickets can be tough to find, and sometimes they aren’t even a consideration early on in the planning process. If you are going to buy tickets later, We recommend buying your tickets on a third party ticket site when you’re not able to find them easily. SeatGeek is a good resource to have on your side, but they’re definitely not the only site that you can use. StubHub is also a really good resource. Whoever you choose to go with, be sure that you go with a reputable site. You want someone who is trustworthy and established and not a recent addition to the industry. This will help to ensure that you don’t fall for a scam or pay too much. Going with a site that’s established will save you some stress as well because your tickets are going to be guaranteed.

And don’t forget that Cirque du Soleil isn’t the only act out there. Wherever you travel to, there’s a show or a concert to see. They’re definitely one of the premier sources of entertainment simply because they have such a unique and varied show, but they are not the only act. Whether you like music, sports, or the theater, there are plenty of acts around the world that you can take in. There are also plenty of comedians, magicians, and other sources of entertainment just waiting for you. A show is a good way to relax and have fun while you’re on the road, especially if you are looking for a fun night out on the town.