Mob Museum is Now Open

The Las Vegas Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement is now open, connecting visitors with some of the sordid pieces of Vegas’s past. More commonly known as the Mob Museum, this interactive and engaging display contains some of the most exciting action in all of Vegas.

Tickets start at $18 for those that are 18 and older. Kids tickets are $12 and senior tickets are $14. This admission gives you all-day access to the museum and lets you take part in unique activities, such as a display on wiretapping, access to actual conversations obtained by the FBI in a wiretap, a simulated Tommy gun, and iconic displays. For example, a portion of the wall that was present in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre is now on display at the museum. This is a one of a kind presentation of some of the most notorious mobsters in the United States, and the museum allows you to experience all of this in a safe and educational setting.

Infamous mobsters such as Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel, Lucky Luciano, and John Gotti are studied throughout the museum, complete with information about each and artifacts from their lives. These larger than life criminals hold a certain fascination with Americans because of their extravagant lifestyles, seeming lack of morals, and near invincibility. All of these criminals were either incarcerated or died because of their actions, but still remain fascinating figures to history buffs. Some of these were alive at very exciting times during U.S. history and played a big role in helping to shape what we are today. Those mentioned above represent just a small portion of what’s on display in the building. The current exhibits take up about 17,000 square feet of the 41,000 square foot building. There are also offices, a gift shop, and plenty of room for future expansion.

In addition to displays and information on some of the most famous criminals of all time, you will also experience high tech theater displays, unique items, and artifacts, as well as knowledgeable employees. The museum is housed in the former Federal Building, and as you walk through each room, you will get to experience the lives and backgrounds of the people that made such a big impression upon the country.

And while you’re in Vegas, be sure to catch a show. The city is famous for its amazing acts. Some of these include Cirque du Soleil, Criss Angel, countless musicians, and the endless variety of dinner buffets. If you’ve never been to Las Vegas, these things are as much a part of the city as the casinos and resorts, so be sure to spend some time looking up what will be of most interest to you while you’re going to be in town. Vegas has a lot to offer, and although the Mob Museum is certainly one of the newer highlights for those that enjoy educational activities, it’s definitely not the only thing out there. This is a small portion of what the city has to offer, so be sure to schedule a time for other events into your itinerary while you’re in Vegas.

The museum is housed at 300 Stewart Avenue, right in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’re interested in stopping in, the doors open up at 10 AM. You can call ahead for tickets, or buy them right there. And if you’re not 100 percent certain that this is something you’ll enjoy, either take a tour of their website or feel free to stop in at the gift shop since you don’t need to pay admission to access this part of the building. Feel free to call their front office if you have further questions about the museum.