Getting Tickets

Finding tickets to Cirque du Soleil can be really hard, depending on where the show that you’re going to is located and what particular time of the year it is. But, regardless of where and when you’re going, you can often find tickets if you look around. The venue might be sold out, but that doesn’t mean that there are no tickets available. In fact, many individuals purchase tickets for a show, and then can no longer attend the event. Rather than lose money on their seats, there are opportunities to re-sell them.

Some people use third party ticket sale sites as their first line of defense simply because it saves them money. Some people do it because it’s so convenient. If you’ve never bought tickets this way before, you are missing out on a great opportunity. There are often a huge amount of tickets available, and sometimes they contain a better selection than you can find at the venue’s sale site at the time.

This same principle applies to wherever you go and whatever show it is that you’re planning on enjoying. You can find the tickets that you want through a third party ticket site like SeatGeek, or whatever other trusted site you decide to use. If you’re going to buy tickets, whether for Cirque du Soleil, a New York Yankees game, or to see Taylor Swift in concert, you will want to do a few things to help yourself save money. Let’s look at that in a bit more detail below.

Buying Tickets Online

First, be sure to sign up for any sort of rewards club that your site of choice has. This way, you can get credit for being a repeat customer. For example, a site will often give you a discount after you spend a certain amount of money, or they might even give you credit that you can use toward tickets of your choice. It depends on the site. Even if you don’t go out to shows very often, this is a valuable way to reward yourself for things that you are going to do anyway.

Next, sign up for alerts through the site. You can set these so that you will know when Cirque du Soleil go on sale in the city of your choice, when certain seats are available, or any other act that you might be interested in. This is an especially good tool to have if there’s a high profile show you want to see or something that will sell out quickly. The trick with this is that you need to have the app for the site of your choice on your phone. This way, not only will the alerts pop up on your phone, but you can purchase the tickets while you are out on the go. Again, for shows that have a high demand for tickets, this is a good way to give yourself an edge over everyone else that will be trying to get tickets.

Finally, don’t be afraid to shop around. Different sites have different prices. Their fee structures will be different, and different seats will be available at different places. Limiting yourself to just one site is limiting your choices. Sure, one site might be better than another most of the time, but things can change very quickly on a day to day basis. Find two or three sites that you trust, and then download the apps on your phone. This way, by getting alerts from multiple sites, you can let your phone do all of the comparison shopping for you in one easy to access spot.