With our last post, on 10 December, we introduced Montreal’s En Masse art collective to our readers, sharing the history and philosophy of the group and its large-scale, spontaneous, collaborative murals.

We promised an inside peak at the flurry of creativity that occurred when, On 7 November, 2010, a team of 10 En Masse artists assembled in the 7ième ciel room at Cirque du Soleil Montreal headquarters. SAFEWALLS had commissioned a work, two metres by four metres in size, a piece that would resonate with the spirit of Cirque du Soleil and SAFEWALLS, but that nonetheless allowed the artists the freedom to unleash their imaginations.

The team that arrived that night included many of the top-shelf talents among the ever-growing En Masse roster: founder Jason Botkin and current co-director Rupert Bottenberg, veteran En Masse contributors Lisa Czech, Peru Dyer, FiveEight, Tyler Rauman, Gene Pendon, and Fred Caron, as well as a couple of newly inducted artists, Duy Thang Nguyen and Phil l’Animal.

Click on the video below to see the En Masse team in action at the Cirque du Soleil offices, and watch as they bring to life the special SafeWalls piece.


Music by Lunice. Read his interview and hear his mixtape for SAFEWALLS



We really love the piece, but we’re not selfish. We’ve come up with a way that you can have it in your own home! Visit us at on 17 December for more details!