A freelance illustrator rather than a street artist, Madrid’s RICARDO CAVOLO specializes in an endearingly simple, though hardly naïve, drawing style that doesn’t shy away from dramatic colours. Whether he’s illustrating a Charles Dickens children’s book, designing record sleeves for the Gran Derby label or paying tribute to Russian tattoos on T-shirts for Phucisme, CAVOLO crafts images that recall classic comic books, advertising art and, more than anything, lively folk art from across the globe. Ricardo Cavolo has recently launch a new project named WE ARE THE FIRE. We asked the Madrid-based artist to tell us more about his art initiative and he wants you to be part of it!


Ricardo Cavolo >> “We Are The Fire is a street art project. The first step is made by me, Ricardo Cavolo. I created stickers with a big fire with an eye in it, and the legend “WE ARE THE FIRE”.

This message has no a particular meaning. It is not politics, not “fight the power”, no special meaning at all. It’s just, we are fire, we are energy, so let’s do something. Let’s decorate streets, or whatever, but let’s do something. Worst thing is to do nothing in life, so let’s do something.

For me, the fire is not destruction, it is energy and power. This is why I use it, it’s to use the energy of all of us (or almost the energy of the people who want to take part in it), and do things in the streets. It is a kind of present to give a better look at our streets.

The first action was to print the stickers, and to spread these stickers all over the world. They are traveling by 20 countries. And now people start to send photos of the stickers in their cities in the world. I like to think that anybody who ask me some stickers to put them in his/her city, they are not helping me, they are taking part of the project, they are the fire too. The stickers are only the first step, something like a beta level. More actions and fire are coming soon. So let’s be fire too, and do things.”