The art of Ricardo Cavolo


This month our destination is Madrid, the capital of Spain. The trio of Spanish artists we’ve selected to create original alternative poster designs for the Cirque de Soleil show Corteo is Miss Van, Nuria Mora and Ricardo Cavolo.

This week, we will focus on the talented Madrid-based artist Ricardo Cavolo.



A freelance illustrator rather than a street artist, Madrid’s RICARDO CAVOLO — born in 1982 in Salamanca, Spain — specializes in an endearingly simple, though hardly naïve, drawing style that doesn’t shy away from dramatic colours. Whether he’s illustrating a Charles Dickens children’s book, designing record sleeves for the Gran Derby label or paying tribute to Russian tattoos on T-shirts for Phucisme, CAVOLO crafts images that recall classic comic books, advertising art and, more than anything, lively folk art from across the globe.

The circus is a particularly favoured theme for him, as is apparent with one glance at his CORTEO design for SAFEWALLS which will be unveiled tomorrow and wil go on sale Thursday April 7 at a random time.


Watch Ricardo introduce himself along with Miss Van and Nuria Mora, and take a look at some of his work:










And here is a sneak peak of Ricardo’s Corteo poster. Tomorrow we will unveil the whole artwork. Believe us, it is amazing!